Imhotep is an Egyptian scientist. At the same time doctor, mathematician and writer he’s also considered as the first architect.
He was inventive and innovator. He has replaced the sun-dried bricks with hewed stones, invented ingenious processes to transport these stones by boat. He’s also the inventor of the “Saqquarah complex” with its six degrees pyramid.

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Established in 2004, Imhotep Engineering is an engineering office active in several sectors as building, civil engineering, infrastructures, energetic domains and generally in all building services.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team including civil engineers, experienced designers, health and safety coordinators, energetic specialists, the whole supervised by a multipurpose  chief project, we can propose a large range of complete services.  We always have the experienced person for project calculation and design, complete energetic survey of a new or an existing building, or even the follow up of construction work in health and safety coordination.

Imhotep engineering is a company whose whole capital is hold by a unique associate,
Mr. Vincenzo VITA.  This guarantees a total independence of the company towards builders and suppliers.